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22nd February 2016

Demand for a lifeline dial-a-ride scheme is higher than ever, new figures have revealed.
Last year there were fears the need for the service run by North Norfolk Community Transport were dwindling. However, the latest figures show demand for the service is growing rapidly.
The scheme is open to people living across north Norfolk to those with no access to other forms of transport, including pensioners, those with impaired mobility, young people and the rurally isolated. Passengers use the service to attend medical appointments, go shopping, pay bills, attend social events and to visit family and friends.

The figures show that 4,780 single trips were made between July and December 2015, compared to 4,050 the previous year. This equates to 400 passengers a month using the service for a return trip, an 18% increase from the same period the previous year.
The group’s Chief Executive, Matt Townsend, said: “Up until the middle of last year the number of passengers using the service had been declining for the past couple of years. We were starting to wonder if there was still a need for the service. We already knew demand for the service between July and September had increased last year and the latest figures show that trend has continued until the end of the year. We have seen quite a remarkable turnaround in the demand for this service and all signs indicate this will remain the case in 2016. Many local people rely on this service to avoid isolation and to carry out routine tasks many of us take for granted. Our staff and volunteers continue to do a fantastic job providing a much needed service to the local community.”

The dial-a-ride service is operated using minibuses, which pick passenger up from outside their home taking them to their destination and home again once they have finished their tasks, visits or days out.

To use the dial-a-ride service users must become a member of North Norfolk Community Transport. The charity currently has over 800 members.
To become a member of North Norfolk Community Transport or to access the dial-a-ride service call 01692 500840. All services are offered subject to availability on a first come first served basis. View their website

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