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Kickstart - Get apprentices on the road

22nd February 2016

A far reaching transport group is launching a scheme to provide apprentices in Norfolk with an affordable way to travel to and from work.
Next month (March 2016) Kickstart – a Dereham based charity which hire’s mopeds to help people attend work, education or training – will offer the new scheme to young apprentices aged between 16 and 18.
The new project will specifically tackle the problem many young apprentices face trying to afford travel expenses to get to work and back. Now, Kickstart will be offering young apprentices free motorcycle clothing and a one day compulsory basic training (CBT) course to enable them to legally ride a moped or scooter. The charity will then offer the apprentices’ subsidised hire of a 50cc moped for only £2.86 per day.
Barry Lynes, rider coordinator for Kickstart, said: “We are extremely happy to be launching this scheme, which we hope will help many young apprentices across Norfolk. Many of these young people do struggle financially whilst learning their trades due to a combination of low wages and lack of available benefits. For many of these aspiring young people affording transport to and from their place of work can be a significant problem, which we hope this scheme will help them to overcome. Once the apprentices have completed the CBT and been handed the clothing they are able to hire a fully insured, taxed and maintained moped for under £3 per day for the remainder of their apprenticeship.”
For more information about the new apprentice scheme please contact Kickstart on 01362 699923 or by email or view their website

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