Norfolk Community Transport Association

Norfolk & Suffolk 4x4 Response

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Services available:

Emergency and extreme weather support to individuals and organisations. We work to support emergency services and call out is via those organisations.

The club Aims
The 4X4 Response Network has been set up to assist the emergency services and District Councils within Norfolk and Suffolk in time of severe weather and when their resources are stretched. We provide:

Four wheel drive capability for any situation (off road, flooding, severe weather etc.) for District Councils, Emergency Services and any other group who we may wish to support (RSPCA, NHS, etc.)
A co-ordinated group of competent individuals who have knowledge of search, rescue, navigation and communication skills to assist in the solution of any major problems (training can be given).
Vehicular support to RAYNET for personnel and equipment movement.
Vehicular support for other volunteer organisations.
Off road support for St. Johns Ambulance or other Fist Aid Organisation at organised events such as motor or equestrian events.
A chance for the members to have fun and test their vehicles (and their own) capabilities during exercises and events.
A social gathering for like minded people.
We hold regular 'Green Lane Runs' to provide essential local knowledge. The group is not affiliated to any club or organisation and its only aims are those stated above. The group will not operate in any competitive forum at all as it is felt that this is adequately catered for by other clubs.

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